Single Circular

Hanging  Plaque

Outprints ...

Double or Sibling Impression Plaque (maximum of 2 children)
(Available for 0-5 year olds)

Single Impression

Single hand / foot outprint

Heart or Rectangle available

Furry friends front paws

Double Impression

Heart Plaque

(Available for 0-2 year olds)

Studio 5 Imprints Ltd

Outprints & Clay Impressions ...

Clay impressions and Outprints are the perfect way to capture those precious tiny hands and feet; a beautiful momento to last a lifetime. While both are suitable for babies, from as young as 2 weeks old, they are equally popular for older children, adults and pets alike and look adorable framed. 

Appointments can take up to 30 minutes and while we endevour to finish your impressions / outprints (following your appointment) in a timely manner, we would advise that clay pieces are given approximately four - six weeks to air dry naturally; please note this can take longer in the winter months. 

All our items can be personalised with a name and age and can be presented as either a hanging or standing plaque; depending on the size and weight of your piece however you may require a stand to support it; if you've decided against framing it that is. If chosen, personalisation can also be visible or written on the back of your impression for your reference only.

If you are coming to Studio 5, after seeing a friends clay impression or outprint however, we would ask that you please remain mindful that no two impressions will ever be the same. Impressions are individual and unique; we do not all have strong lines and we do not all share the same taste; where some may see a flaw, others see beauty. "Imperfection is perfection when it is made with love" Studio 5.

Single Circular or Rectangle Impression Plaque

(Available for 0-8 year olds)

Double Impression

(Available for 0-4 year olds)

Clay Impressions; Hanging Plaques ...

Double outprint; 2 hands / 1 hand and 1 foot / 2 feet or 1 hand each of 2 people.

If you dont wish to frame your prints, for an additional £2 we can return your finished product to you

with a small stainless steel stand to display it on.

Impressions ...

Sibling Impressions  (maximum of two children)

(Available for 0-5 year olds)